Website Design

Our Rates

Basic Rates

Website Design and Maintenance $75 / hr (see details below)
Software Development Negotiable
Plotter Solutions Negotiable
Graphic Design $75 / hr

Website Pricing

The following costs are approximate. See below for sample packages.

Fixed Website Costs

Domain name registration $25 for .COM, .ORG, .CA, etc.
Website hosting $100 per year
Email addresses (e.g. you@yourcompany.com) Included with website hosting

Website Development Costs

Page layout design including:

  • branding (logos, colors, fonts)
  • overall look and feel
  • navigation menu style (flashy or simple, pull-down, pop-up, sounds, etc)
  • use of font styles for headings, links, captions, etc.

$75 for simple

$300 and up, for fancy

Content design

  • site map (organization of pages in the site)
  • page navigation
  • text copy writing, conversion and editing
  • basic image processing / graphic design
Typically, around $75 per page


  • complete with error / completeness checking
  • email generated and sent to the recipient(s) of your choice
$75 per form (up to 10 data fields)


  • video, sound, animation
  • complex image processing / graphic design
$75 per hour

Dynamic content

  • product catalogs, data searches, etc.
  • inventory control, contact list maintenance, etc.
  • e-commerce
Priced on a per project basis

Website Maintenance Costs

Maintenance Services

$75 / hour

Annual Maintenance Plans

Neg., e.g. $1200 / yr for 2 hours / /month maint. / support
Self Maintenance Content updating software $200
Basic training $200

Sample Website Package Costs


10 page site
100 MB storage
1 or 2 email addresses
No forms, dynamic content or multi-media (except images)
Domain name registration

Fixed costs: $125
Development: $825
Maintenance: $900 (1 hour / month)
Total cost first year: $1850

Subsequent years: $1025 (1 hour /month maint.)

Example website


50 page site
300 MB storage
5 - 10 email addresses
10 forms
50 images
2 short videos
2 domain names

Fixed costs: $150
Development: $4350
Maintenance: $1800 (2 hours / month)
Total cost first year: $6300

Subsequent years: $1950 (2 hours / month maint.)

Example website


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